All dive sites can be reached within 5 to 25 minutes, except those for day trips. The wrecks are only 15 to 30 minutes from the base in a sheltered bay. With us in Sipalay you can really see everything if you are lucky.  we already have seen to experience a Whale Shark at the Da West site, with which we could play FOR over an hour. This whale shark just did not want to part with us anymore. Or the turtle at Habok Habok dive site, and the eagle ray at Mantadrop. The shark at night dives in Disneyland. Or the dolphins at Ayersrock. Simply fantastic ................... We also have a lot to offer for photographers. We have the most ideal conditions at many dive sites to take great photos. See the pictures from our dive sites below. In 2016 we additionally sunk a car wreck as a dive site.


This car wreck lies at 17 meters depth. A beautiful coral reef is next door, which drops to 40 meters. This car served for more than 10 years during the construction of ARTISTIC DIVING RESORT. It's a white pickup Nissan SD 23, vintage 1988. It was a great white car, which has been pioneering in Sipalay for over 10 years. We have brought the first guests ever to Punta Ballo and since the beginning of tourism in Sipalay many years back in 1998. We have donated this pickup as a car wreck of the City of Sipalay and deposited in January 2016 on the dive site. This new dive site is now called (GREAT WHITE) The name comes from the big, great white shark, which is found in Australia. Now we also have the opportunity to visit one (GREAT WHITE) in the Philippines.


This fantastic, well-preserved wreck is located in the flowless Campomanes bay, about 30 minutes south of the dive center ARTISTIC DIVING. It is a two-masted freighter from the 80s. The wreck lies laterally, starting at a depth of 20 meters. Beautifully overgrown with many shells, it also houses many other fish, such as scorpionfish, lionfish, moray eels, perches, and a school of batfish. At about 30 meters depth you dive comfortably in the hold, where you can find a gigantic play of light, as through various hatches, sunlight can penetrate. In the back of the freighter you have the opportunity to visit the engine compartment. The dive continues past the captain's cabin to the stern of the freighter, where you can marvel at the hand-sawed propeller shaft. The 80-meter-long, intact wreck sank in the 80s for alleged overload.


Even this very interesting wreck from World War II is only about 300 meters from the MS JOJO in the Campomanes bay. It sank in March 1942. Depths: Above: 33m Below: 41m. A camouflage net is still in full swing. Individual bullet holes of the Japanese torpedoes as well as gas masks and filters can be seen in different rooms. In our base there is a report by an eyewitness who has followed the whole drama;
In the summer of 1942, four Japanese planes circled around the bay twice in the morning. A little later they came back and threw off Torpedoes. The ship was hit, but the planes could not maneuver well due to the mountains and high trees along the coast. After a few more attempts, they retreated. The ship was already in flames. By 6 pm, the fire had already reached the cargo hold, where ammunition and weapons were stored. The ship exploded, breaking into two parts with the middle parts sank immediately after the big explosion. The first salvage took place in the 70's, a last one in the 80's.

JULIENS WRECK ( near Turtle Island )

On the Juliensriff lies a ship wreck, which can be dived or admired with the snorkeling equipment. The wreck is only 7 meters deep. The reef drops to 30 meters. This wreck is super covered with coral and there are thousands of fish in it.
MPA Marine Protected Area, Dive Reserve.

Sea Turtle
school fish


At the entrance of the Campomanes bay is the vertical sloping wall. It starts at 2 meters and drops to 32 meters. This drop-off is located south of the base and can be used anytime within 10 minutes. it has great corals with many shells and snails.
MPA Marine Protected Area, Dive Reserve


Coral wall to the Campomanes Pier. It can be dived to 26 meters. Many snails and lionfish. This place is protected from typhoons and can be dived even in bad weather.
MPA Marine Protected Area, Dive Reserve


Fantastic reef on a cliff with lots of corals and fish. There are also turtles to be found. This reef is the extended reef arm of Kevin's Reef. It is only 5 minutes away. You dive along a fantastic wall that drops to 30 meters.


A beautiful wall with several tears and columns, where lobsters are found. Max. Depth 16m. Colorful corals on the high plateau at only 1 to 2 meters depth.
MPA Marine Protected Area, Dive Reserve


House reef right in front of our base. Beautiful coral reef with a big anchor at 9m depth. Maximum depth is 25 meters. Various breakthroughs make the reef interesting. This dive site is dedicated to our son Kevin and can even be dived from the shore.


Another house reef, which is located next to the Disneyland. Beautiful coral reef surrounded by white sand. Depths from 10 to 18 meters. Ideal reef for to go diving.


A ravine labyrinth of the extra class at about 10 to 15m depth. Crawfish are regularly seen in the gorges. This dive site can also be dived by non-experienced divers and belongs to the house reef.
MPA Marine Protected Area, Dive Reserve


An extravagant house reef starting at 11 meters depth, sloping down to a maximum of 28 meters. Sensational vegetation, various slopes and caves. This reef is just 10 minutes south of Punta Ballo.
MPA Marine Protected Area, Dive Reserve


This dive site is located directly in front of the house reef and can be reached in 5 minutes by dive boat. The reef plateau starts at 5 meters and drops to 12 to 16 meters. On gently sloping ground you will find between 8 and 18 meters magnificent coral gardens, surrounded by white sandy areas, in which blue spotted stingrays, sand eels and various leaf fish are regularly spotted. The coral sticks are very diverse overgrown with hard and soft corals of any kind. In addition, ghost pipefish and frogfish can be found. The second half of the dive then leads into the spectacular canyons, where 2 meter wide ravines branch out like a labyrinth at a depth of 10 meters. Here you always have best diving conditions, as there is hardly any flow and surface waves. Ideal place for diving training and night diving.


This reef is located at the entrance to ARTISTIC DIVING. You can snorkel without a boat and go diving. Beautiful coral reef with freshly covered hard and soft corals. Max. Depth 15m. Ideal for beginners and photography.

MA - ASIN Island

Maasin Island is a small offshore island about 20 meters in diameter. It is located south of the dive center and can be reached within 20 minutes by boat. The fantastic, densely covered coral reef starts at 5 meters above. The Reef edge begins at about 8 to 10 meters, with beautiful large table corals. Surrounded by all kinds of soft corals, you dive along the reef to about 25 meters depth, where the coral wall merges into a steep slope. This steep slope drops to 60 meters in depth. Towards the end of the dive you will find a magnificent garden with whip corals at a depth of 10 meters. There are regularly schools of moth and bannerfish.
MPA Marine Protected Area, Dive Reserve

MA-ASIN Wall 1

Impressive coral wall that heads south. Above. 5 m, slightly sloping dive to 20 meters depth.
MPA Marine Protected Area, Dive Reserve

MA-ASIN Wall 2

Hard and soft corals along the reef. Depths from 5 to 27m. Great coral growth, just fantastic. Offers itself as an afternoon dive very well.


Beautiful coral wall on the northern edge of Punta Ballo. This dive site can be approached even in bad weather. Depths from 5 to 26m.


This dive site is located near Ma Asin Island. A small stone is the reference for entry at 5 meters depth. After a comfortable descent, you come to a senstionellen edge. After this slope, you will reach a beautiful reef plateau at 28 meters, which drops to 45 meters. On the way back there is a super beautiful coral landscape, which extends to 5 meters to dive. Also here are frogfish and pygmy seahorses.
MPA Marine Protected Area, Dive Reserve


This dive site is north of ARTISTIC DIVING and can be reached in 20 minutes. With a free descent to a depth of seven meters you reach the coral-covered reef bottom, which extends for about 100 meters. The reef edge drops steeply all around up to about 45 meters. The sensational northern reef is dived, where beautiful table and antler corals cover the reef. At an ideal depth of about 25 meters you will find a lush coral garden with snow-white whip corals. Schools of moth and bannerfish roam the reef. At full moon must be expected with some flow. Countless colorful coral fish inhabit the lush, intact antler corals on the reef top. Many flatworms and nudibranchs can be found.
MPA Marine Protected Area, Dive Reserve


Sensational wall with a plateau at 5 meters, vertically sloping down to 35 meters. Super overgrown and mostly very clear view. It has also been spotted a hammerhead shark. On the coast from the dive site there are now more beautiful private homes built in the hillside. That is why the dive site Miami Beach was missed as a name.
MPA Marine Protected Area, Dive Reserve


A dive site of the royal class. It was first discovered in 2005 and offers a direct descent to 40 meters. Surrounded by vile fish and coral gardens you can dive to 5 meters.


A reef like the Ayersrock in Australia. Beautifully freestanding. Napoleon fish and turtles regularly pass the reef. Also striking is the original hammer and anvil at a depth of 30 meters. The reef roof is at 18 meters. With sufficient air supply, you can comfortably relax on the Manta Drop to 5 meters, otherwise you emerge in the open water.


This dive site is also approached by means of depth gauges and landmarks. Negative entry to various coral reefs on about 25 meters. On the first coral block is a cave with a gray reef shark. An elongated reef shoulder leads over a wide coral landscape to 5 meters to dive.


This new dive site is just 7 minutes from the base. Access is via two landmarks where our boaters stop the ship. With a negative descent it goes directly to about 18 meters on a coral reef, which is completely clear. The entire reef is wonderfully overgrown and drops vertically down to a depth of 35 meters. In addition to caves and passages, you will also find super beautiful large gorgonians and fan corals. At full moon and new moon, it can be really violent.


Our new discovery! This dive site is located about 20 minutes south of the dive center, near the Enzian Reef and is the top dive site for all UW photographers. At a depth of between 5 and 20 meters you will find everything that makes the diver's heart beat faster. Sandy area with single, beautifully covered coral blocks, where a colorful variety of fish, ghost owls, cuttlefish, snails and crabs can be found. Ideal also for night diving!


To get to this dive site takes about 25 minutes. This dive site is the continuation of the Grotto. You can easily start the dive at 5 to 7 meters. The reef is then on the right side and falls off to about 35 meters. It has some caves and ravines that make the dive very varied.


Negative entry to a fantastic coral reef at 34m with many big fish like barracudas, tunas and sharks. Good view and only 10 minutes from Punta Ballo. A top dive site with giant gorgonians and schools of triggerfish and butterflyfish. The reef bottom is at 45 meters. But is dipped between 34 and 38 meters. On the gorgonians also pigment sea cubs can be spotted.


This dive site is located in the open sea, just 10 minutes from the dive center. With landmarks the dive site is approached targeted. A direct descent to a fantastic coral reef at 30 meters with many big fish - also sharks - makes the dive site interesting. Always has a very good view. A top dive site only for experienced divers.


The dive begins on the edge at 5 meters down to 22 meters depth. There is an entrance to a cave that is wonderfully overgrown with white gorgonians and various flowerpots. Somewhat cloudy view.


Sensational "Blue Wall" the Reef begins at 18 m depth. On the west side steeply sloping to over 40 meters .. Wonderful table and antler corals. Surrounded by many coral fish. Only for experienced divers.


This dive site is located next to the Enzian Reef. After a 15 minute boat drive you reach the wall. With a spectacular negative entry you descend directly to almost 40 meters. Then a great dive starts along the almost vertical sloping wall. Many table corals and gorgonias surround the divers. The reef plateau begins at about 10 meters, after which you can dive up to 5 meters. When diving, it has frogfish to admire. Since the reef is located on the west side, you have a great amount of light and thus best diving conditions with great colorful corals.


Benissimo Reef is located at the southern entrance of the Campomanes bay. After a descent to about 10 meters, it goes first flat down to about 30 meters. Then you come to a vertical sloping wall down to almost 60 ranges. The reef and the wall is covered top. On the reef edge, there may be some current, big chance for big fish. At the end, the Benissimo can also be comfortably leveled at 5 meters.


Deep dive through a beautiful gorge with a huge coral tower. Here you can effortlessly reach a depth of 40 meters. It always has a large school of butterfly fish at 35 meters. Ideal diving at 5 to 6 meters. Ideal place to start the Turtle Island Daytrip.


This pier of a former copper mine takes an hour boat drive from the resort and is just north of Sipalay. It is approached in connection with a day trip on Turtle Island. The wonderfully overgrown pillars at the pier go down to 15 meters. They house various species of animals, such as ghost whistle-fish, frogfish, leaf worms, mating nudibranchs, various stonefish, scorpion fish, and schools of pipefish, lionfish, etc. The sloping ground at about 15 meters is sandy and provided with small coral sticks which there are always surprises. Swarms of glass fish hunt below the pier ceiling. This dive site is very popular for photography and is ideal for all divers.

DIENTE DE LOBO ( Turtle Island )

Diente de Lobo is the northwestern extension of Turtle Island. It is a negative entry to 14 meters depth. With a big current you can dive to the bottom and enjoy a quieter situation. At the bottom you reach a depth of about 25 meters. Big gorgonians and many fish pass you during the dive.

FARMERS MARKET ( Turtle Island )

In the south of Turtle Island lies this wonderful reef that offers everything a diver's heart desires. Between 18 and 6 meters deep, soft and hard corals are mixed. This dive can be done directly from the beach.

TURTLE HEAD POINT ( Turtle Island )

This dive site can be made from the east side of the island. Again, a nice reef, but can have quite a strong current. At the end of the dive, you can simply step on 5 meters and make the safety stop.


This dive site completes the Sortimet at Turtle Island. On the western side of the island you can take a nice leisurely dive protected from the wind. Big corals lie in the reef with some anemone fish. If you are lucky, you can even see turtles.


This place is a small headland towards Obong Pt. Magnificent coral garden from 5m to 28m with sloping wall.


This dive site is the southernmost course of Black Rock Island. Sensational coral garden from 9m to 28m with sloping wall.


This dive site was discovered around 1999. It is located in the bay near Obon Pt. also known as Tabacay Reef, BRGY Cayhagan. A vertical wall with a coral spiral surrounds the diver. You can dive into this spiral and be accompanied by an extraordinary play of light. That is why the name of the place. Also, swarms of fish pass by. Batfish accompany the diver. Sensational reef plateau with hard corals and soft corals, which touch each other and grow into each other.


Catmon Pt. can be reached by boat in about 50 minutes. It is mainly offered in conjunction with a day trip. A dive area of 5 to 22 meters filled with many coral valleys. Many lionfish.


The Clara reef is a freestanding reef towards Hinoba-an. The reef starts at 11 meters and drops to 38 meters. Alot butterfly fish and often a very good view. The journey time is 50 minutes.


A great dive site near Hinoba-an. An entrance on 5 meters leads through a column to 50 meters depth. At high tide there is a flow and it becomes a drift dive like at Apo Island.


This dive site is about 40 miles away from our base. This great slope is only for deep-divers. This wall begins at 36m and drops vertically to 75m. Many butterfly fish, turtles and baracudas can be seen. Sometimes strong currents can arise.